HELP!!! Who knows about External Hard Drives and IPods!

Jun 13, 2006
I'm having a problem right now. For some reason a folder that contains everything on my external hard drive is on my IPod and I can't get it off. Ithappened to me once before and I got rid of it but now I can't remember what I did. It wont let me move or delete the folder so it's taking up 15 Gigsof space on my 30 gig IPod. If anyone knows what I should do please tell me!

unplug your external hard drive and plug your ipod back in ... it will tell you some files have not been found blah blah ... then delete the files you dontwant and unplug your ipod ... plug yuor hard drive back in and wait till it loads up ... plug your ipod back in and voila!
The hard drive isn't plugged in. It's not that I'm trying to find anything on the ipod. It's just a folder on my ipod called "Maxtorbackup" or something. Its in the ipod as a file.

Are you saying I need to have them plugged in at the same time to get rid of it?

I suck at computers lol
if youre on a mac you can use disk uility to delete that folder off your ipod. If youre on a PC i cant really help you.
So there's a random folder on your iPod that you can't get rid of that's taking up 15 gigs? It's the backup for your Maxtor external, right? Ifit's a yes for both of those, try these steps.

1. Plug in your ipod. Select your ipod on the "Device" sidebar in iTunes.
2. Go to your ipod's Summary.
3. Find where it says "Manually Manage music and videos." Apply these changes.
4. Now un-sync your ipod, and then unplug it and plug it in again. It should show up as an external drive on your computer, and not just in iTunes.
5. Go to My Computer, select your ipod.
6. Find the folder, and delete it or copy it to another location.

That should work.
Originally Posted by JohnnyRedStorm

Why not just reformat your ipod if all your music is still on your computer?

If you're transferring 10 gigs or more, it can take a while to transfer it again after a wipe.

Why stretch a job that could take like 5 minutes into 5 hours?
All of my music isn't on my computer. I'll try what soltheman suggested although it sounds very similar to what I have already tried. For some reasonit's not letting me move the file or delete it.
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