Help with 18's

Joined Dec 16, 2008
I wore my CDP 18's for the 1st time today, but I had a hard time putting my foot in the shoe. THE SHOE IS SO TIGHT TO PUT IN, but once you get your foot inthe shoe its fine and very comfortable. But putting my foot in the shoe after loosing the laces and everything it took me a good 5 minutes. Does anyone elsehave this experiences with the 18's and how did you deal with it?
Joined Sep 18, 2008
I haven't tried on the CDP 18s yet but as far as the OG black/blue goes they are a little rough to get on. Comfortable, but they do fit pretty tightly allaround your foot.
Joined Jan 5, 2009
YA it is kinda hard i got the black and blue og's and i struggle getting my foot in there
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