Help with Jordan storage

Apr 26, 2023
I was wondering if anyone knows how my son could store his Jordan’s. His room is a add on to the house and in the summer it gets very hot in there even the closet. He noticed a couple of them are coming unglued and he only wore them once . He has the all stored in OG boxes . Does anyone know of some shoe containers that keep the heat out . Please let me know, 🙏
Maybe a dry cabinet like they have for cameras, electronics etc. Won't stop the other normal deterioration though.
I know this might be a silly question old are his shoes? Shoes come unglued all the time depending on their age. 8-10 years seems to be when Jordans and Nikes tend to start becoming unwearable unless you pay a shoe restore guy to work on them.
Yah until they obviously answer, I'm going to go with the shoes are just old. My apartment burned down and it made its way to my unit and when it got to my shoe room of about 300 shoes they started to catch fire. The fire dept had to go back up and put it out again after they thought they were already out. About a month later we were able to salvage about 70-100 pairs and even those shoes weren't coming unglued yet. They were just in their normal boxes. I still wear a bunch of em to this day and that was 3 years ago. Just my opinion and I agree with the others. Dark cool room if possible.
Better air conditioning and or a dehumidifier.

If the shoes aren't worn somewhat regularly they can crumble/separate too.
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