Hi, any manila heads out there?

Jun 2, 2002
i was wondering if there is an manila heads out there?

i was going out there, and i wanted to know where to buy some "LOUIS VUTTIONI" :wink:

thanks pares!
TEAM KOBE Member #1
We got pretty much everything here... i just don't know how different the prices are compared to where your from? US? Last time i checked LV in the NY, even after taxes, it was a little bit cheaper there.

But as for brands, check Greenbelt 3, they should all be there.

this kid is annoying in General and in general.

Hop off the nuts homie.... you like to watch my every move eh....

seriously, ALL your posts shows how bitter you are, i have never seen one positive comment from you.. .everything you say either tries to downgrade people or some non witty comments... seriously try reading a book or take a dump to relieve your stress, this hard act on Niketalk was cool back in 2002....

back to the subject at hand, i think its called the "BAKLARAN" (no 255forlife)

thanks PARES!!!! :D

KOBE Member #1[/b]​
^sorry bro.. but if you are looking for fake/bargain LV, BACLARAN is the right place...you can also try Tutuban and Green Hills..but if you're looking for orig. LV Green Belt is the right place for you bro..
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