Hide IP address

use a proxy server.

that will hide your IP.

if you don't know what a proxy server is, you may need to do some more research.
u can change ur ip, by disconnecing/reconnecting
depending on whether or not u have a dynamic ip
(one that switches everytime u disconnect) if not
u have a static ip and will most likely be forced to
use proxies, which are a lil harder, kuz u have to
find a good "socks" connection.

hahah j/k
i don't think its illegal unless you're going to do something illegal while its blocked. i block my ip address
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Proxies don't always work. Word to JoshHoward4MVP. Use a library computer.


the whole reason proxy servers exist is to keep the clients attached to the proxy anonymous.

if you were attached to a proxy that didn't keep you anonymous, then it wasn't a real proxy server.
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