His Airness breaking the backboard...vol. late and I don't care....

Joined Jan 30, 2008
I feel sorry for the kids who grow up having never watched Jordan play live

or even late 80's/90's basketball in general


Joined Aug 21, 2006

he even made it so that it only fell on the other team... MJ is the greatest of all time... I remember watching him take over a game agains Vancover when they were down huge.. he just went in... SUndays on NBC
Joined Mar 24, 2004
Cool vid. What team was this? Lol at the guy he's dunking over putting his hands up then sliding to the left to avoid Jordan's shorts and the other dude for running right into the shower of glass.
Joined Dec 14, 2005
damn. I feel bad for the other team. glass all on your face and in your eyes. AND MJ just dunked on you
straight filthy.....
Joined Feb 13, 2003
I've never seen that, either.

DOPENESS at his greatest.

Co-sign on the statement about youngsters never getting a chance to see MJ in his prime. Or the NBA around those late 80's early 90's years, in general...
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