Holiday 04' Air Jordan X retro- please read page 11......

Jun 23, 2001

'TIMBO13' and I hope you have a great 4th of July and we'd like to give you a hint to an upcoming retro as a present...



There's a hint somewhere :rolleyes

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Yay a teaser post....bringing me back guys *tear* even though it was usually Ekin Airmax that did this im all giddy....I feel like a school girl!

Cant wait!!!!
ok when you "CRB"(come right back).....i want you to go out and send me my red/black 12' s mr. manposite :wink:

otherwise great to see that more jordan retro's are comin out next year...wonder what it'll be :b

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they are XIIs
i can tell by the AIR JORDAN font style
well you have already told us the iv's are dropping, so i will assume this is different...hmmm X's perhaps :wink:

just look at the name of the pic :wink:

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Looks to me like these but back to front (obviously not that exact pic).


Am I right?

Do we finally find out what the early 04 retro is? I say early 04 only because this year we got the 8's in March and last year we got the 9's and I would not be surprised to see an all new retro line a couple of months after the XII's in early 04.

Im surprised no one has been whining about the lack of information in this regard. Remeber people, last year we had the VII's in the holiday period and then the VIII's a couple of months after so what is following the XII's?

Of course I'm just going on past history so there may not be anything coming then. The timings were quite different in 2001 and the XIX's seem to be scheduled differently this year (why not the week of MJ's birthday?) meaning the retro scheduling would need adjusting.

I guess the X's and XIII's have been rumoured for a while to be the next retros so maybe that is why people are not asking for info. I think also they are still too busy trying to find out about the XII's.

I take it the IV's on 04/04/04 correspond to the III's and XI lows this year and the VI lows last year as the random mid year lucky dip. :tongue:

Who can know the mysterious mind of Gentry Humpries.......
I loved the way he tried to sell us this garbage idea that they couldn't retro II's cause the molds got destoyed. So? Borrow some OG's off MJ and make some new ones. You didn't have molds back in 86 when they were a concept drawing! DUH! At least with some OG's in hand as well as the drawings you should have a good idea how to re-create them.

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I also think it's the X.

If it's the X, I hope the retro some nice colorway (especially the Chicago edition)
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Alright, heres some input from the recently banned Ebeatz / Elan ....

after some heavy reaserch , and carefull sluething ive come to notice that the end of the file extention reads"/10's%20colabo.JPG" now taking out the %and the 2 which arent needed all the time u get"/10's0colabo.JPG" now cross referencing with his other pics that posted they all have similar endings
"/xii's.JPG","/xix's.JPG" and "/black.5's.JPG". so my final conclusion is that the air jordan 10's are the holiday '04 retro!

By the way, some of the team colors from the original series are being considered as a retro, including Chicago.
Damn, they're pulling an Ekin on us...

<-----David Robinson, thanks for bringing a positive influence on and off the court, and congrats on the championship.
Mos def teh Xs will be retroed cuz it will be the ten year anniversary of them. I hope it is the tens some of the best slept on Js.
yea... Omega is right... there will be X's and XIII's retroed in 2004.... :wink:

also... for this year... the Jumpman line is going to be the hottest ever.... JB is going to focus more on the new stuff opposed to retros...the Ray Allen shoes are pure hotness.... the lines flow smoothly just like his game... the are one of the hottest JB shoes in a long time....

There will be some nice surprises when JB brings out the X's (for some people at least)... and look for some new colors of the XIII's...

How we even know these guys even got this info. I think Alex should confirm this. Alex woud know b4 those guys.

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