Home remedies for a sore throat?

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I was just wondering if any of u guys had some home remedies to get rid of a sore throat quicker. It just started today when I woke up so hopefully I can get rid of it soon. Thanks
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whale sperm heals all.

OR I recommend mint tea, with a ton of lemon and honey.

Halls Ginger Ale cough drops, and stop smoking Newports.

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gargle with warm water and baking soda daily till better.
But I always have a sore throat during my allergy seasons....when I have a cough and or am congested I boil chamomille tea (which reduces mucos) with honey and a slice of lemon
or when my throat is just tender I boil a Green Tea no sugar with honey , make sure its not too hot or else itll scold your throat instead of soothe it.
hope you feel better
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gargle with warm salt water

a teaspoon of honey every now and the to coat your throat if it feels to harsh

hot tea

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the honey tips are on point :wink:
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gargle warm water + salt. it's magic. plus my moms used to make me take this Chinese medicine, but idk what it's called.


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drink honey and try not to cough alot...but i do have these 3's idk what to do with
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Just remember these are only for your "throat" and nothing else.
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Originally Posted by torgriffith

gargle with warm salt water

a teaspoon of honey every now and the to coat your throat if it feels to harsh

hot tea

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1 Cup boiling water.
1 - 2 teaspoons honey
Lemon juice squeezed from 1 lemon. 2 if you prefer it a little more sour.

One of these baby's every few hours will do the trick.
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It's hit or miss with me. Sometimes the home remedies make it worse.

I feel for you man. I hate that feeling in the morning.
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