How do Jordan IV's Fit

May 17, 2005
Just wanted to ask jordanheads out here how do the jordan iv's fit.Do they run true to size or a size bigger/smaller ya'll help me out here.
my mars is a size 8 which is the size i normally wear , but 8.5 on my military is comfortable too..
yEah babY!!
anybody wear a size 8/8.5, hit me up
I say go .5 a size up. I weara 12 in all myjordans butI needed a 12.5 in these. Oh, but this probably only applies to those that have wide feet like me.
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Definately go a .5 size up. This is from 89-07, they all run like this.
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i shudve bought .5 size bigger because theyre a little stiff, but the leather expands a bit over time, little narrow too
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You have to add .5 to them they run small to me.
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My retroes, ESPECIALLY the white green and coolgreys, need .5 size bigger. Its also more comfortable if you go a .5 size up for all the retroes. My OG's cracked on me, but i can sey they fit true to size for the seconds i had them on.
yeah i think its because they fit narrow. i normally wear a 10.5 but when it comes to IVs, i gotta go 11
when is enough ENOUGH?!?!
they fit true to size, but if you're planning on buying the mars or the military retros, don't even bother; you'll be sick of wearing them really quickly because they just feel so uncomfortable over time.
"you'll be sick of wearing them really quickly because they just feel so uncomfortable over time. "

very true

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my black cats fit tru to size
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True to size man.. i wear a 9.. and thats what i have.. :D

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For me,they were true to size

but I guess if you want a more comfortable feel go with a .5 size up
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