How Do No Lining (NL) dunks fit??????????????????????????

Joined Jan 20, 2005
Uncomfortable as hell if I'm assuming u mean nl dunks no lining. That's why I got rid of my undftds.

Hey did packers get the yeezys?
Joined Sep 13, 2006

I cant believe this. If that is the case then why are Undftds still hard to find in the buying/selling forums..Well was it maybe uncomfortable because you didnot size down?
Joined Jan 27, 2006
the undftds were comfortable, a full size down for me.

i mean, it's not like normal dunks have lots of cushioning in them anyway..

sometimes, less is more. light and comfortable is aight with me.
Joined Dec 15, 2004
undftds wer my normal size as well...I sold for other reasons though
Joined Jan 20, 2005
Thre good ole days. Walk into packer pay 120 for undftd. Mike: hey u need another pair? Me: nah I'm straight.

Imagine if I had a resellers mindframe
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