How do the Retro Nike Penny Foamposites fit?

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I am looking to pick up a pair of Foamposites and I wanted if they fit true to size and so forth.

Thanks in advance.
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true to size...u just gotta let em take da shape of your foot...and loosen da laces when u initially rock em.
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if you get a .5 bigger they fit like a glove
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They cut true to size IMO
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Looking For:
Penny 2s Sz 6.5 or 7
AJ CG IIIs 7.5
Any color Spizikes in 7.5
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Quote:[hr][/hr]loosen da laces when u initially rock em.[hr][/hr]

Definitely the first thing to do when putting them on, these come REALLY tight, killed my feet until I couldn't take it and loosened the laces.
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I wish someone told me this before I picked them up. I bought a 9.5 when I normally wear mostly 10. These things killed my feet when I wore them. Now I'm looking for a 10.5. Get a half size bigger IMO.
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