How do you get cancer and why is it always the nicest people?

Joined Mar 28, 2009
do you become nice or something when you get it? like what the !%%+

my science teacher has cancer and she like the nicest person youll ever meet...she bailed this one kid outta jail..when his parents wouldnt even...
and then one of my friends that died last year (RIP) i swear to god she was so cool as hell and real nice...sad as hell to see her deteriorate and die...

have you ever met a mean person who has cancer? cuz i swear its always the nice people
Joined Apr 6, 2008
my nicest teacher back in high school, coincidentally also taught science (anatomy), had ovarian cancer and beat it

bad things happen to good people, tis life...


Joined Mar 2, 2010
Who knows? Life's a mystery man, the lesser you try to figure it out the better off you'll be.
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my mom just told me shes going to get checked out for colon cancer this week. she is the nicest human being in the world and i am still in shock
Joined Jun 30, 2008
I loved my mom, and cancer took her life. Not a day that goes by that I dont think of her


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It's not always the nicest people.

When people are stricken with a disease or has deceased people always bring the good up, tending to overlook the bad. I understand why, but trust not everyone is nice and peachy keen.
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this lady that is a kid on my teams mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. everyone said she was really nice but last year during one of our varsity games i got in, was a sophomore, and she said "now what the $$!# has he done to deserve to go in right now?"

went in and scored a season high of 9
i think she is slowly recovering, thanks for the motivation, glad you are doing better


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why? because there is no higher power or karma. there is no balance between good or bad in this world, life is just a random occurrence of events. all you can do is live your life and be glad things are happening in your favor
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Girl ends up with stomach pains, goes to the doctor, ends up that she's had cancer for a while but never got it diagnosed. I graduated HS a year before she did, so I didn't really know/talk to her, but my boy was supposed to take her to her prom cause she went alone
. Beautiful girl.
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There's not a reall explanation for what occurs in this world. NONE

God's Plan iguess. or everything happens for a reason. or you reap what you sow. or what have you.

Lifes crazy, simply put.
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Originally Posted by HyphySole

I loved my mom, and cancer took her life. Not a day that goes by that I dont think of her
my condoloences go out to you 

cuz even tho i fight and BS with my mom over things she be buggin.

idk how id feel if when i got home daily, she wasnt there, or her home cooked meal wasnt ready and warm for me

id be a mess, and become more of an alcoholic and my life would be gone. im sry y'all but i love my moms
 no matter who u want to be in ur life, shell always be there.good or bad.
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I guess when people get cancer, their appreciation for life grows exponentially, whether the person is good or bad.
Joined Jul 14, 2008
everyone is subjected to cancer are immune system just fights it off when the immune system is weak thats when it gets bad. so lets all keep are immune system strong.

my Aunt is a breast cancer survivor she is also very nice does everything and anything for me and my family.
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