over under around and back......

wrapped around the midsole 3 times for forefoot support
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^ Did anyone ever find out how Kanye did that w/ his straps? I wanna rock 'em like that. :lol:
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I don't have my Aquas yet, but on my Black Chrome VIIIs I just lace them normal, except the top three holes. Let the straps hang, but keep the velcro strapped.
I'm Old School so every eyelet laced and straped properly with the 23 on top.
I always keep it stock.
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ive always laced 8's up to 3-4 holes from the top to leave the fuzzy tongue exposed, and i leave the straps undone...
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i lace them normal and use the 1st hole in the grey. put the straps through the velcro part, but dont strap them down so that the velcro parts stick straigh out to the side. it looks kinda cool
^That's ol'school, I remember doing that when they originally released.

How bout this, lace them up just under the carpet tounge, leave them un-strapped but in a way that they still criss-cross. Because strapping them and un straping through the plastic loop will mess with the velcro strap.
^^^ co sign...thatz da only way ive rocked my 8s other than just completely unstrappin them.
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Laced up loose except the top three. Then, I tie my laces loosely over the straps and I leave the straps undone. I love it this way. I just slip right in and out of them.

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I leave the top 2 holes empty. (and like 2 more towards the bottom so the shoe lace is longer)... i dont strap em with the velcro, and before I put the shoe lace in the 3rd hole from the top i stick it through the both plastic pieces on the strap then in the 3rd hole and tie it so the shoe lace hangs over the straps. (i put the lace through the plastic piece so the straps dont move around and you can have em look like bunny ears if u want or just flat normal but loose and they dont move around!

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i leave the one wit the 23 unstrapped and the other one strapped but very loosley so its sorta bulging up it looks :pimp:
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I always tie most if not all the laceloops (I usually lace all but the top set of laceholes).
I strap all the straps.. I never leave it hanging.
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