How do you react to things bought for you???

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When ppl buy me gifts/surprises it doesnt bother me much. Im appreciative as hell, but Ive come to find out that Im a hard person to buy for. Learned that with my girl. Mainly because I already have everything. Theres not much (in a realistic setting) someone can get for me that I dont already have. So thats why I basically tell my girl dont get me anything lol

Now on the other scenario, if someone is offering to cover somethin for me I cant afford like a trip or something I will decline and I honestly dont think it has anything to do with pride at all. If I cant afford it in my eyes its not something I should be partaking in. To me the enjoyment isnt the same. Ive passed on plenty of trips with my boys cuz I wasn’t financially where I Needed to be. and these guys are basically my Brothers and of course they say “we got u man dont worry bout anything“ which is 100% true cuz Ive seen it be done on their tabs. But I personally wont enjoy it if I aint work for it/provide it myself. Ima very black and white “if I aint got it then it wasnt meant to be” type and I’ll just work my butt off so I wont be put in that situation again.
dude I totally agree. Like if I can’t afford the trip, how can I afford for a place to stay and food on top of that. It’s just not enjoyable one bit. Like I have the money to cough this up right now, but knowing my situation I always need something for the rainy days and I’m not sure if I wanna blow it on a spontaneous trip with the holidays coming around. I just wish for my friends to understand that I simply can’t right now and I shouldn’t have to explain myself and my financial situation any further.
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What do you think about folks who don't hold it over others?

I'm the same way as you: if I can't afford it, I'm not doing it. On the flip side, when I cover fam/homies on food/trips, I never hit them later on with "remember when I..."
I know people who would spot me no questions asked, and would never use it as leverage against me down the line. Though i truly appreciate the gesture, im not built to have things handed to me.

Im the same as you. I have absolute zero issues spottin the people i love/truly care about. I do things from a sincere standpoint, and not for acknowledgement or reciprocity purposes.
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