How Many Classes are you Taking.... College

Joined May 13, 2008
How many classes are people taking for the Fall semester?

I was thinking of taking 5 but people say it might be too much
Joined May 27, 2007
taking 4.

for me, 5 would be too much. Only because i work during the semester. But if you dont have a job to worry about, go for 5.
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5 maybe 6.

I need 35 credits to graduate. So maybe I'll take 19 in the fall.
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hopefully i can stick to just 4 a semister. but looks like I might have to do more if I wanna leave on time
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I only take 12 or 13 credits, depending on if I need to take a corresponding lab. I don't take more credits than that because my major concern is gettingA's, not just passing the classes.
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Originally Posted by QueenCitySneakerQueen

6 classes plus working 25 hours a week
good luck mi amiga
, I'm takin 17 credits and trynafind somewhere to do research and work, and I already think I might have no social life
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I'm taking 5 classes this quarter. But last quarter I took 7 classes for 19 credits . I think it depends on what classes you're taking.

Burton Guster

formerly walkin memorial
Joined Jun 16, 2006
I took a year off to decide what I wanted to major in, so now I have been taking classes for a year straight. I took 4 last fall, 1 in the winter, 6 this pastspring, I'm taking 4 this summer and 6 in the upcoming fall semester. After summer and fall I will be done. Man, I can't wait
Joined Jul 26, 2006
5 for fall semester

I took 3 classes (took 4, dropped 1) last semester and lets just say i had TOOOOO much free time and i was getting extra lazy.

I vowed never to take less than 4 classes again
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