How many times has usps did you dirty?

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Package was said to be delivered at 10:54 am yesterday, still nowhere to be found
. Probably delivered it to a neghbors house, unfortunately i dont talk to any of them, damn. Guess im knocking on doors like im selling cookies tonight looking for it.
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0... UPS is cool. Its not so cool when they drop off your stuff at a neighbors house... start getting things delivered to ya job...

theres always a TON of UPS trucks near hofstra too! every morning slowing down my mad dash to work!!!!
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USPS is usually good money from my experience but they did ship my package really slowly recently..I copped a pair of Jordans from fellow NT'er Ninob and the tracking info said the package was in New Jersey on Monday (I live in NYC) and the Package got to my house on Thursday
...Usually if it's in NJ one day, it's at my house the next..Idk what they were doing but I guess they were being lazy
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All I know is that their online package tracking system is BUNK. I'll get a package and it'll start updating like days after it arrives. Sometimes I'll place an order its no where to be found in the system until its already arrived as well. I'm STILL waiting on a CD from Hawaii via in4mation, 3-5 day delivery, please.


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usps been good to me everytime. Also right when I saw this thread that one pic of the joker fitted shipped in a plastic bag popped in my head
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yeah i hate the tracking system and it was shipped to my house, FUNNY THING is, my house is literally the only house facing the block, everything else are backyards and the sides of other peoples houses. This is the first time in a while someone shipped through usps, UPS *++**
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At my old apartment when I wasn't home they just gave it to my neighbor

I got my package but still
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@ yall being mad about them leaving with a neighbor..... least yall havent come home to packages on your porch in plain view 
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I always come home with the package just sitting outside where everyone can see it, shh pisses me off.
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I waited near the front door all day. Even had it cracked a little. I'm talking camped out stalking. I take a piss real quick. There's that slip. I swear dude had to park around the corner and already have the Deez Nuts slip filled out ready to stick to my front door. It was their 3rd try too. So much hate.
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Originally Posted by urbano wears nikes

Never, so far at least *knocks on wood*

but i say try getting stuff shipped to a place where youre at the most during the day ex: an office   

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Having my first and hopefully my last bad experience with usps right now. Usually they're on point besides the delay in their system updates.

Called the post office and told them I didn't get the key to the locker since I live in a development and the mailboxes are in a kiosk and whenever I get a package they put it in a locker. I had to go find the mailman and ask him if he put the key in someone elses mailbox by mistake. He said there wasn't any packages he delivered yesterday and I didn't get it today
I swear if someone is wearing my sneakers I will be
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Man, im on the hunt for my mailman too,, i called me PO they said call a number they gave me at 830am and theyll ask the mailman if she remembers, hopefully she does(i see her often), they said its the same carrier for the route everyday unles its their day off or they are on vaca.


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i hate usps. these dudes just decide to skip my apartment building altogether sometimes, don't ring the bell don't leave a note. i have to end up calling to see what has happened and then usually go to pick it up. i think it has to do with the delivery guy though, i called one time to complain cause dude rang my bell, threw it downstairs and screamed come get it and left. so i think he just skips me now on purpose
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i still wonder why dont they deliver any of my packages to my door i get that &*$^%@# pink slip to pick it up at the Post Office

i live in an apartment btw
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not usps but fedex broke my damn tail light covers i ordered from ebay. now i have to try to get an exchange from the guy i ordered them from! sucks
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USPS is the worst delivery compnay ever.....

They cant even give me a call on the intercom so I can go down and pick it up, cause I know these lazy mail men wont walk up a couple steps.

I know for a fact that they just put that stupid slip without even trying to deliver, just pisses me off so much... they might as well tell me straight up to go to the mail delivery center instead of taking an extra day to get my freaking package. damn you usps

regular mail is all good but these dudes mess around too much with my packages dammmmm
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my mailman is real cool so i got no complaints. ups has got to be the worst, routing my packages to random $@+ places.

case in point:

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