How would you rate Stan Van Gundy as a coach?

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I mean, he became a head coach only a couple years ago and took the Heat to the ECF. The next year, he got screwed by Pat Riley and Riley basically took VanGundy's team to the Finals to win the Championship.

He moved on to Orlando and is now back in the Finals.

Now, you hear everyone hating on the guy; from Shaq putting him on blast to KG taunting him in the playoffs. But, you can't deny his success.

So, how do you feel about his coaching skills?

I'm a Piston fan, if that matters. Just giving respect where it's due.
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He changed my perspective on him this season and during these playoffs.

While he's a whiner he has done a damn good job.

big j 33

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He's an honest coach.

He will take the blame and own up to his mistakes.

He tends to whine a lot but every coach does that, but Stan just looks ridiculous when he does

He did a great job with the Magic this season, especially in the playoffs, coached them with an "us against the world" mentality, which worked out.
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Originally Posted by DoubleJs07

I like SVG...he tells it like it is, and doesn't sugarcoat a thing....
Sums it up right there.

Only thing that bugs me about him is his constant whining and screaming at refs/players.
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He's a carbon copy of Mike D'Antoni... only that he knows something.

Ok I kid I kid, but Stan is a great coach IMO. Yes, he does complain quite a bit, but the fact is that he's had success where ever he went. You gottarespect that.
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I was just about to make this post...good thing I did a search first. That whole Pat Riley situation in Miami was politics as usual...Pat smelled blood andsharked him out of the championship...HE IS ONE HELL OF A COACH...definitely needs more recognition
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i like him, hes always screaming and has a huge sense of urgency. gortat said it makes the players nervous but it would keep me going
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Coach of the Year.

All the good things have already been said in this thread.

He also knows how to deal with his players. In the Boston series, when Howard called him out at the press conference, he handled it like a pro. It didn'tturn into some big distraction like I think it would have with other coaches.
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Originally Posted by The Wizard

he was smart enough to double LeBron in the 4th as soon as he stepped past the 3 point line.

Noticed that. It really seemed to stifle Lebron all night, especially in the 4th Quarter.
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he gets the job done

and he actually listens to some of his players

its all about good communication and hes got that
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