HUF Sutter & Hayes Official Thread.


formerly ayokamikaze
Apr 6, 2006
These pop up alot. Thought I'd put this here to clear up the clutter. The thread will be used for inventory check, new stuff comming out, and any question/concerns/comments about HUF.

Just went in to Hayes today.

PLENTLY of the Chain fitteds, tees, and hoodys to go around.
FItteds were $38
Tees were $32
& I think the hoodys were $150?

Not too sure about sutter. I was told they had a line up outside.
Good idea.

Lots of Chain gear left? Nice. I'll stop by maybe tomorrow.
anyone know if sutter or hayes has any fitteds other than the chain ones in a 7 1/4 or 7 3/8?
all i know XXL in the lusty sold out over at sutter.
Wanted New/Used: HUF AM1 8.5
anyone see the hufquake skyline/logo tees in an XL?
aim: trobledpnoi
from the bay area
^They had them at hayes. Sizes not sure but alot of colors.
they had those supreme quilted leather NY hats. im not too familier with their but i remember seeing them on sat both in black and army green.

they also had aNYthing hats and old good enough, pegleg nyc, and undrcrwn tees.
Wanted New/Used: HUF AM1 8.5
any box caps?
I need BRAZIL DUNKS !!!! High or Low. DS or NDS. 10 or 10.5​​
aim : osyrhiz​
They seemed like they had alot of lusty tees over at hayes. I'm about to go tommorow to fill in a order.
^can you pick me up a size xxl all black lusty tee? Whenever I go near end of the week there sold out...
I've seen the huf quake hoodys under their glass counter thing. I don't know if there's any in the back or if those are for sale.

Yeah they have the lusty tee. FSR from the info i got.
if you guys are missing out sizes in the hufquake fitteds, tees, or hoodies, call up kicks/hi because they got a fsr and they do phone orders.
Wanted New/Used: HUF AM1 8.5
What is this Lusty tee that everyone is talking about? Anyone got pics??

what hats!? i just went to hayes earlier today and copped me a chain hat but i didnt see any new ones...dammit...i guess i'll go back tomorrow
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