HYPERFLIGHTS....what was the deal with their performance?

Dec 28, 2005
i never balled in a pair or even walked around munch in one, but what was their deal?

I heard that they were unspeakably light, one of the lightest basketball shoes ever, and were comfortable and performed well for some time, but were very very fragile for lack of a better word and collapsed in a short period of time. is this right?


Any word on a retro or desire for one?
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I would love those yellow patents...
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I have 10 pairs of the Hyperflight, and while I absolutely love the design and significance of the shoe (I'm a big Jason Williams fan) I'll be the first to tell you they're less than stellar on-court.

While the heel Max-Air cushioning is very comfortable and good on impact protection, the forefoot Zoom Air unit is stiff and unresponsive, and because of the super low court feel and double-lasted midsole, the forefoot feels stiff and firm and your arch will suffer over time.

The traction is a definite positive of the shoe for guards as it's super sticky and durable, but the upper's ultra thin cobec material is neither durable nor supportive on lateral movements. When cutting and slashing your foot slides laterally along the footbed, and the tongue also dips down into the shoe even with the laces tied very tightly.

Unless you're a small-framed point guard looking for super light weight and court feel at the expense of stability and forefoot cushioning, it's hard to recommend the Hyperflight as it's not too trustworthy.

A similar shoe for guards that you should check out that I loved on-court is the Ultraflight, Zoom Drive, and Jet Flight. All have great court feel, traction, and responsiveness but are also far more stable and durable than the Hyperflight. They're also less stiff and restrictive than the 2K3 and have lower cuts and better forefoot flexibility.

Off-court? It doesn't get much more flashy than a pair of Hyperflights!
those yellow ones are amazing, as far as looks its one sexy shoe, but dont think about rockin em on a court, your feet will hate you

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These were IMO the Zoom BB before the Zoom BB, except with Patent leather, and terrible feel on court, I wore mine for outdoor balling......Held up pretty well to my surprise, but when I wa don playin, I stayed off my feet the rest of the night.
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comfort wise..they suck
not enough cusioning and the toe box creases easliy
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one of my top 10 sneaks....they OD'd on the hyperflight 2s with that metallic stuff. but these hyperflights were the @#%$. i had the purple ones, navy, and all black...but they did suck on the court though to tell the truth. i wore them once and they didnt even look sexy the second time i play in em because of all the creases
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Never balled in em a day in my life. I had the white/grey ones, they were sick. Terrible to walk in they creased everywhere and ended up basically cracking up and getting destroyed. Trash only after a few good wears.
IMO they were one of nike's boldest attempts though. They looked so dope on shelves when they dropped and anyone on a campus in them was stuntin for real lol
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Why was this bumped? Is the hyperflight NOT a retro shoe and was i NOT talking about a retro of it?????????? NT hall monitors strike again
WANTED: SPLATTER DUNK LOWS...11.5...i really mean it.
they look cool, but being that i weigh over 200, they're not for me.

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Is the hyperflight NOT a retro shoe and was i NOT talking about a retro of it?

Nike Retro's forum description:

Discussion of Retro (re-released) Nike products. This includes new colors of old sneaker designs, but NOT vintage/original products from years past.

This one's on you, not "NT hall monitors."

Hyperflights = Form

Does anyone remember the weight of the Air Go's? My friend loved these shoes and I don't remember him having any problems with the comfort or manufacturing.

Pic' from PYS.com:

I remember I got the brown leather ones from Marshall's for like $25 :lol:
. Played ball in them and I got plantar fasciitis :smh:
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I bought these about a year ago, wore them once, hated the performance.

One of my favorite shoes looks wise, but performance is horrible.

Gettin rid of that yellow pair for everyone looking for a size 9....


i wanted these shoes so bad back in the 8th grade but mommy wasn't havin it
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These shoes were the most innovative and spectacular mess that Nike ever came up with. I was working @ Niketown NYC when these dropped, but I actually got to test them, and I trashed them, both physically and verbally. No doubt, they looked dope on your foot, but man, were they horrible as far as performance goes. I am a 5'6" pg, who at the time weighed 145lbs. and possessed a 36" vertical, and these couldn't even support me. Marcus Camby happened to be wearing these while he was with the Knicks, needless to say he had foot problems directly after that season. Coincidence..........I think not.
Does anyone remember the weight of the Air Go's? My friend loved these shoes and I don't remember him having any problems with the comfort or manufacturing.
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