Dec 21, 2006
I'm trying to start my first restoration project on some AJ Retro X (steels). They're beaters so if I mess up it's OK. But anyway, I wanted to know what I should use to restore the midsole and the upper. I was thinking about masking the midsole off and just using regular white KRYLON spray paint on the upper. Same for the midsole. (except for with black spray paint, of course) I'm assuming that by using a thin coat of spray paint, I wouldn't have to worry about cracking in the future. Well, would it be recommended for me to use KRYLON at all? or any spray paint for that matter. If so or if not, a little help would be appreciated. :D

Park in a driveway, and drive in a parkway?!?!? WHA?!?!? I think I'll just take "Flight"!!!
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