If you could call Heaven, who would you ask to speak to?

Joined Mar 16, 2009
God? Jesus? One of your people?

60 seconds to talk.

What would you say?

I make threads that make you think, so go deep!
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Originally Posted by damnTHOSEjs

NTers are not exactly the most religious of people
You're asking to get grilled.
i dont understand why.
OP made a thread IMO its a good question. if no one agrees with it i dont understand why they should make fun of it. *shrug*
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God, I'd ask whats good with this heaven thing(i.e how do I get my admission pass) and if he doesn't answer that I'd ask him which religion got it right.
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Originally Posted by SiMPLYDiMPLY

i'm not much of a phone person, i'd rather go.
I'm not much of a phone person either but if I could text heaven, I'd wanna text Amelia Earhart and ask her what happened to her. 
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