Sep 26, 2005
So, i'm gonna be in NY next week and i need to know what i should/should not do... I've been to NY tons of times before when i was younger, but the last time i was there was around 2000, so i'm a little more grown up now and can travel the city all by myself...

I want to hit up a few of the major tourist spots just to rehash the old memories... The Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty are musts, right? For the Empire State Building should i get that $40 express pass to go straight to the top or get the $15 pass and wait in line? And for the Statue of Liberty, should i really take the ferry out to the island or is it cool enough to just look at it from Manhattan?

Are there any second tier tourist spots i should hit up too? Radio City, Wall Street, United Nations, Rockefeller Center... is there anything you suggest i see?

Also, should i go check out the WTC site?


Also, is Conney Island worth the drive for Natahan's and the sights, and is that place Junior's really worth it for the cheesecake?

So i'm going to one of these games, but i don't have tickets yet... I plan on buying them off ebay, but really the only seats i can afford (or want to pay for) are the Tier seats or the Bleacher seats...

Now i know the thrill of actually being at a NY v Boston game should be amazing in itself, but are these seats cool...? Or should i step my ticket game up and shell out a little more money for nicer seats?

Also, anything i should check out while i'm in Yankee Stadium? Is that little Hall of Fame park thing open during games? Any good food i should get?

Again, it's up in the air and i'm open to anything...

I've really been wanting to see Avenue Q, but i think my GF would enjoy The Lion King more... Any of you familiar with any Broadway shows?

Those 'TCKTS' stands... are the prices really that great? And the lines, will i really be waiting to buy tickets from them for over an hour? Do they usually have any good shows or just the bummy ones nobody wants to watch? Do you suggest i buy my tickets now for a slightly discounted internet price or wait till i get to NY and wait in line to get the 'TCKTS' discount price?

CENTRAL PARK: having fun :lol:

Which ones are worth going to?

I think i wanna check out the Museum of History or the Museum of Art... Suggestions?

I've been dying to see David Letterman my entire life... but these fools at CBS haven't called me back about tickets... At this point, i'm assuming i'm going to have to go there that morning to get stand by tickets :frown:

Is it usually a long line for stand by tickets? Have any of you ever been to see Letterman... How was it?

Also, are there any TV shows i should go see? Is anything worth going to in your opinion or should i stay away from that and keep exploring NY...? Should i take the NBC Tour?

Ok so if i have a free day, i'd love to rent a car and travel down to Philly and DC... My question is can i do this all in one day?

I'm thinking i drive straight to DC early in the morning around 6am.. get to DC around 10-11, right? Go see the White House and all the other famous buildings and monuments right in that area... maybe get a bite to eat... i figure that might take me 3-4 hours tops... right? By that time it'll be 2-3ish and i'll head back up to Philly... by that time it'll be around 6-7ish? Go see the Liberty Bell and D.O.I. if that's still open :lol:
Then head back to NY

My question... Is this a good plan? :lol:

Anything you think i missed, or whatever you think i should do in NYC or the surrounding areas would be greatly appreciated...

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/\/\ Why is that? Is it really rowdy out there? :lol:
Danny DeVito​
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Because after seven limoncellos, the little guy can do anything...​
......is it rowdy....that makes them the best.....if you gonna hit up a lot of tourists spots, be sure to bring bread and early...the droves of tourists are ridiculous right about now...
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I'm currently visiting NY and my best suggestion is keep a bottle of water with you. I'm fromt Houston and the weather is unbearable. Also, not sure where you're from, but everything is about twice as expensive here as compared to where I'm from - like random little things even.

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try to get tix to the US open, if tennis is your thing...try the museum of natural history and the cloisters up by dyckman...try to go to the zigfield on wednesday theyre showing a mets v philly game, which i'll be driving down to philly 'morrow to see the opening game of that series...if u can get to queens try PS 1 and water taxi beach on saturday afternoon, both located in NYC...my 2 cents
As far as gyros, Astoria in Queens should have the best ones since its run by the Greeks and such.

Icees, Lemon Ice King of Corona is pretty famous.

the U.S. Open is a good idea, you can hang at Flushing Meadows Park a little before & after.

Central Park is nice, especially with a significant other. I usually get in by the entrance on 60th St & Columbus. But the entrance by 80th (near the Metropolitan Museum of Art) is nice too. At night, it's a beautiful walk (don't mind the homeless lol)

Serendipity is nice, the frozen hot chocolate is what it's famous for.

Junior's Cheesecake is all it is, just the cheesecake.

Coney Island is about to be torn down, it would be nice to see and grab a hot dog. there is an aquarium by there, maybe check that out?

I've never been to a Broadway Show but Ave. Q & the Lion King are so acclaimed. I plan on going too.

As far as Museums, my favorites are the Met. and the Whitney Museum. People always go for the MoMA, but it's dumb to me, like a bunch of hippies made it or something.

Museum of Sex
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum of Art (in Queens/Flushing Meadows Park)
the Whitney Museum
Brooklyn Museum of Art

I can't think of anymore.

If you'd like to visit Ellis Island, that would be cool.

And.... that's all I got.

I'm from Queens, so I don't know much about the other boroughs except Manhattan.

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I went to the Museum of Sex back in 2004 and thought it was VERY boring. Seemed to be mostly about sociological/political aspects of sex rather than fun stuff.

As far as pizza goes, if you have a whole day to devote to it, check out Di Fara's in Bay Ridge, brooklyn. It's quite an experience. Other than that, Grimaldi's should suit you find for that sort of 'gourmet' type pizza. For NY style pizza I recommend Joe's at Bleecker st and 6th ave in the west village.

I hate musicals but Avenue Q was pretty awesome.

Central Park is fine I guess, but it's still just a park. If you've watched a lot of romantic comedies with your girl you might recognize spots from the movies. Just look at it from your hotel room window, that's a better view than you'll get from actually walking through it.

I would recommend just walking around the west village, east village, and the Lower east side. SoHo is kind of cool too, I guess, but can be horribly annoying and crowded sometimes.

I've heard the Cloisters is gorgeous, might want to check that out.
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