Im new to Niketalk, is this like Facebook where you socialize?

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Word of advice: Don't discuss shoes in general. We remember everything...Be careful what you post :nerd:.
All you %%#+* %@!+$% with jokes come to the 215 with all these %@+* jokes me and the wolves are gonna see what your dome skills look

like forreal foreall ock. %@!+$% think this is a game, its bangout season allday computer screens ain't protection from a 40 Cal. ANY %+%!$ from Philly that wanna bang out put that street name up, we open 24hours like IHOP ock. DOA is the code out here, if you don't want to end up in a body bag shut the +@@+ up before the wolves come knockin at yo front door like UPS ready to deliver them thangs. %@+* pictures might be funny but a Mossberg barrel isn't. early

Do you remember THAT?! LOL

Ovi from someone else.
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I stumbled upon this site two days ago randomly, and it seems like yall talk about this basically what it is? Im a producer b.t.w if any fellow producers wanna collab...thanks.
Hey, welcome to NT. Can you explain to me why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets?

Pls respond.
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If you're looking for a place to socialize here, where people rep you for anything you say as long as you join their circle jerk, search Thread About Nothing in General.
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