I'm so sad :(

Joined Oct 28, 2002
This is Berberpride's girlfriend on his account without him knowing.

I'm just kinda bored and came to NT for entertainment

Thought I would ask you smartbutt guys for some advice!

So my boyfriend just got his first professional job out of college

And I never get to see him anymore

And when I do get to see him, if its on the weekdays, he gets off work at 5, goes to the gym til 8 & goes to bed at 10 and I feel like an old marriedcouple

And I miss him too...A LOT!

Is this what American life is all about?

What can I do to make it better? How can I help diversify our weeks?
Joined May 25, 2008
You can post pics of yourself to begin with

from there the best advice will cum thru
Joined Jun 21, 2007
Talk to him about it. Give him a call or text him at work. ^ Hit the gym with him; eat meals together. Remind him that no work in the world is more importantthan kicking it with you.
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