==I'm Trying To Restore My Cement 3's==

Feb 22, 2007
Can somebody tell me where in Toronto can i get paint for the Midsoles...

I went to that art store on Yonge (between college and wellesley), as soon as i walked in i was overwhelmed there was so much paint

I didnt know which one would work on my rubber midsoles

Someone tell me where to go or what type to cop

I need white paint, there the black cements
angelus paint semi gloss i believe.............look at the "restoring" post in jordan section or "the other board"
"yao know what i ming"
LOL yea i read that on "the other board" about angelus paint, so thats what i was looking for, is that a name brand or a type of paint, and wheres bombshelter?
there are 2 websites that "the other board" (think ur referring to ISS) mentions that you can order angelus paint from.

one iv bought from and its good the other never tried.
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you don''t NEED that paint, obviously its been known to have good results but you can get almost any acrylic and textile agent and it will kinda do the same, or just high quality fabric paint. i did it for my pair and they look good, too bad i didn't take b4 and after pics. One thing you may notice though is blacks may be different even if you go wit angelus or w.e. thats what i noticed from doing a couple shoes. so you may end up just painting the WHOLE black part in again so its consistent. hope that helps,

ps. masking off the white parts with tape is my suggestion to you b4 you start
i just realized you were painting the midsoles. it's very hard to get a paint hta won't crack and almost definitely will need to mix your own to make your paint flexible enough(when dry) to stand up to heavy use. there was a sticky onit a while ago...dunnno where it went
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are there actually shoe repair stores that u can go to, so let's say if u got a OG fragile pair of IIIs or something, and u want to stop it from falling apart and repair the cracking midsole. would there be a store that would do that type of stuff
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