infared spizike on marqueesole

Joined Oct 17, 2005
their 250 so ill wait for release im kinda feeling these need to see in person though
Joined Nov 11, 2007
If I can figure out a way to keep that elephant print from getting dirty I'll buy. A nice looking shoe in my opinion
Joined Mar 11, 2008
In my opinion if anyone intends on copping or having spiz'ikes only 2 colorways come to mind which are..............

"Fusion heat" if there is such a thing
Joined Jan 5, 2008
I like the spizikes + I have the WHite/Red/Green ones. I can't hate but appreciate a shoe that is supposed to reflect and comerate the III, IV, V and VI's. I do agree with u guys that they do pick strong colors but I believe that they look good in person.
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