Ink Free NTers.... Why?

Joined Aug 14, 2012
Master Zik Master Zik your thread about black ink got me thinking.

I dont have any tattoos.

I just never had anything I wanted inked on me.

Most of my friends are inked up.

Maybe I have a poor imagination.

Maybe I've seen enough bad tats to sway my decision.

I always thought a full sleeve was cool af if it was themed.

But good tats are just so damn expensive.

I think im in the minority of my age range with not having a single tattoo.


Joined Feb 7, 2008
I’m in my 20s, don’t have anything. Just haven’t seen anything I’d be passionate about having forever yet.
Joined Dec 3, 2007
Never cared for it.

Outside of culturally relevant reasons, I honestly don't see the appeal.

Joined Nov 2, 2006
Couldnt come up with an idea i didnt think I'd get tired of.

At one point was gonna get a food label wrapped around my arm saying something like" Quality product since 1985"
Was gonna get "God's Finest" at a point too.
Now im just too old, dont care, and appreciate the natural look more.

Nereyda Vuelve Por Dios

formerly DONRE
Joined Jul 22, 2012
When i was younger Dominican mom wouldve disowned me. And wouldve had the fam as well side with her.
most my cousins and sis dont have either. Just not a thing. All my friends have em

dont care to get it done now.


Joined Dec 11, 2007
My brother and sister have tattoos. Just not my thing. Im sure I'd get tired of whatever I decided to get.

No earrings/piercings either.
Joined Feb 25, 2010
29 no tats or piercings (had ears but they closed and never got them pierced again).

My brother (older) and my mom have multiple tattoos.

Could never decide on one when I was a teen and realized I really didn't want any.
Joined Jul 26, 2006
Im 30 now. I was ink free until last year. Then i woke up one day and decided why not? Now i have 3 and plan to get my whole leg done.
Joined Feb 2, 2014
no tats here either.
never seen anything that made me think, "i should put that on my body for the rest of my life."
and most tats you can't even see without a mirror.
Joined Dec 3, 2013
Don’t have any tats but if done properly they make tees and jewelry look better. 100% of nba players have THE worst tattoos you’ll ever see
Joined Mar 12, 2011
Because you don’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari

But seriously, just never thought of anything I want on my body for the rest of my life
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