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I try and like most NT’ers posts unless I really don’t like it. And most of the time I genuinely like the posts but I do tend to be pretty free with like buttons.

You don’t have to like everyone & everything but some dudes will follow your story the second it drops EVERYDAY but never like or comment anything. Or other dudes will have the same sneakers as you posted and never like yours.
I just think it’s some weirdo ****. Unfollow me if you not interested in anything I post.

I’m actually disappointed in myself for putting that much energy into IG.:smh:

Do what you like I just think certain folks is weirdos.
yeah that is wild for getting mad
at folks not liking pics :lol:


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I have most NT lambs on my personal account but if yaw can please give my newly launched counseling page a follow

it promotes mental health awareness, self care, and mindfulness

thank you and I hope you find it helpful!
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