Is Bape still hot or not?

Jan 2, 2006
Hey NTer's,

lets considers Bape's originality in style, concept, collaborations with other brands and being that it is limited imported clothing from Japan. Do you guys still think it's hot?
I feel that its cool despite some of the hypebeast that kill the brands image. If you look at the two lines that they have Bape and A Bathing Ape they have styles that are a little conservative unlike the all overprint killer colors which I dont like. Let me know if you guy's still think this brand is hot?
the patent leather bapesta's are too bad but the ones with full grain and tumbled leather are :pimp:
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No, I really like the conservative looking stuff. I actually have a few Bape apparel but regardless I will still purchase even if people like it or not. I just wanted to get a different perspective about the brand from others. I realize that when I go to JAPAN people seem to appreciate the brand a little more than the US heads. I just want to understand what we like about the brand here in the states. Peace!!!!!!!!!
just bc Bape had an intial US boom and Lil Wayne stopped dressing like Pharrell and moved on to dressing like Jim Jones doesnt make Bape not hot

I wore it before it became big here and I pretty much stopped bc I couldnt stand everyone wearing fake crap and thinking they were stuntin'

I went back to it about a year ago now that people stopped rocking it as a trend brand
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Never saw the appeal. But the hype had died down to some degree.
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never cared for anything they had. Their shoes were just high priced rip-offs and their clothes were just overpriced and not really that appealing. But really if some people still like it fine but I never saw what was so great about the brand.
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Thanks for your honesty and continue to give some feedback guys. It seems like a few people like it or hate it. What do you think would make this brand more appealing here in the US?
the only beef i had about bape were the prices and the all the punky brewster colorways!!!...oh the hypebeasts too. then they went overboard w/ their all over print. i've always wanted a baby milo shirt, just to have one, but refuse to buy one cause of the price...70+ for a shirt w/ a monkey with a banana or cake or anything...haha!!! kinda like buying a shirt or pants w/ a discolored fox on it...rediculous...
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Kind of like a sneaker with a swoosh on it. Or a sneaker with a jumpman on it.

Or like a wallet with all over print.

Just buy what you like, at whatever price you feel comfortable with. Don't hate on something just because of its pricing.

Hype kills brain cells.
I just got tired of the patent leather. Clothes wise, I'm too old to wear **** like that. I still am drawn to the simple design though on certain models.
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They dont always make outlandish clothing. The price is fine because the brand doesnt want everyone to just wear it. Its refined high end urban clothing that is marketed toward a particularly consumer that can afford it and they purposely want it like that. I think people like to feel important and original with fashion. The fact that this company makes limited high priced clothing pyshcologically the consumer is going to buy. I like it because it is unique, inaccessible and a lifestyle brand. Thanks again guys keep it up with your thoughts and opinions!!!!!!!!!
Bape is definatley not hot.
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bape was never ever hot to begin with. why people would spend money on stuff made by a company that rips off other peoples design is beyond me. plus with all the fakes out there? why would you wear something that probably has 90 percent more fakes then real stuff. Like idiot people carrying loius vuitton or prada when you know most of it is probably fake. did someone say inaccesible? bape is easier now to get then it ever was. anyone remember back like 6 years ago when bape could only be bought at maybe 2-3 stores in the entire country? or when conceptshop was the best online retailer for legit bape stuff? getting into bape now? years late.
^^^i highly concur w/ you nike13. i understand what they were trying to do w/ their pricing and all, but nike13 said it all. i know they tried to target a certain group of ppl to rep their gear, but they end up getting smacked by all the co's that made/make fakes...well not so serious cause "true" bape fanatics will still buy og's. i'm not sayin that i can't afford real bape stuff, but i'd rather pay for a pair of wht/wht patent af1's over the bapes...but that's my opinion.
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well, it can be argued that a lot of nike's 05 and 06 AF1s (easters, anyone?) were their way of trying to take the Bape market back.

but yeah.. there is definitely a Bape niche market that will always be there. hype moves on to the next thing, but true fans always remain.

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the only thing innovation was their use of color, but since Nike's doing all the beasty colorways now Bapes have fallen off.
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