Is Canada getting old love new love package?

May 18, 2003

If so @ how much???
That pack is booty but if anyone can get a extra box get at me.
***The Bills Gonna Get Payed, By Standin On Da Corner
Naahh Im Peyton Manning, I'm Handling The Corner

Talk Like I Gotta Chip On My Shoulder, Nahh Dats A Chip On Da Pinky
Still Getting More Brain Then Pinky
they're supposed to drop here as FL's and Champs have them on the order list...
*** Barons swingman #7 ***
how much were the jordan 17s released in canada for? cuz they were also $200 US, so the amount should be the same
Looking for the LRG "unbuckle my buckle" belt buckle, msg me if you're selling!
Whoa, FTL + Champs for these; I need to start reading all those documents and emails more often......
word i just dont know if theres the market here yet to support 300+ bundles at major shoe retailers, but i guess we'll see
ya get cool points cuz im the one ya listen to
but lose em all cuz ya not original.

FS: black pack dunks 10.5, VNDS snakeskin delta forces sz 11​
Hey Hektor, how you doing man? I forgot to say thank you for the fire red. I love the shoes! :D
they're supposed to drop here as FL's and Champs have them on the order list...

Will you have the old love new love package for the cheaper price than the FL price tag? If so, you know that I am your first buyer! :smokin
Remember people that info that floats around this early is TENTATIVE. Things can always change so everyone here do ur best to keep the community up to speed...

Sean no doubt hit me up anytime, I'll sell water to a well if I have to cuz dat's my grind...
*** Barons swingman #7 ***
I believe their dropping here too, they should be in the $300 range.
And now back to business


looking for olive V's sz 9
300? 320? with tax? lol, i doubt they'll sell. look like fakes anyways,wish they made it a higher cut
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