Is it me or Michael Jordan Should of won a Oscar for Space Jam

Sep 12, 2008
Seriously, MJ wasnt that bad
as much as i like MJ on the court, he was probably one of the worst actors in history
Might have a case, because like mentioned above, he was talking to himself the majority of the time.
After seeing Space Jam, his baseball career, and watching him "behind the scenes" with the Wizards and now the Bobcats, I can safely say that theonly thing Michael Jordan is good at is playing basketball and selling shoes.
Seriously? He was better than Geoffrey Rush in Shine? Don't think so.
as much as i loved space jam when i was younger, now that i look back on it now. as a cartoon movie for kids it was actually well made. and this was beforepixar/dreamworks started dominating animated movies.
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