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it's tough these days dealing with females and you dont know if they are slides or not... there isn't many things you can do to find out if they are slides either... so really how do you know if your dealing with a slide? My last girl was sick and tired of me bringing up a guy i felt she was messing with... crazy part is one day I went to the store and came back into my apartment building and his friend was standing in front of my door... how he knew where I was living it still puzzles me till this day!? I been tryna think if when I was with her was she sharing information about me with dudes she was messing with... I'm thinking like that can't be possible because no one could be that cold and heartless, that's not possible. But, it is possible. She cried a lot and sometimes I made her cry but most of the times it was crying that came from i guess built up emotions. Why she couldn't tell me she was messing with someone else?! Like if she was, was she that gassed up that she felt she would break my heart? And if she was cheating why would she let it go that far... how do you guys know if a chick is a certified slide... i might have failed in this department because I could be right and umm wrong too
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You should already know NT won't tell you anything unless some pics are provided.
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Never trust.....

until she takes a bullet for you, you can put your guard down...and thats after she dies from the bullet injury.
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Originally Posted by BG BabyGlock26

You stay takin L's should stop dating for awhile.....

I've tried something different. I'm not dating as of right now. But these are questions I have from my past last relationship because there's so much that happened that was odd and crazy I can't give it to you all at once

put em up

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Don't trust none of them, until they earn it. Take every word they speak like a gram of salt. All these broads live in a fantasy bc of music icons, and dudes saying or doing whatever it takes to get close to them. I never took any female outside of my fam and my wife seriously. Broads nowadays are comedy. Most females are just like dudes, they'll tell you whatever you wanna get what they want from you at that time.
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