Is T-Mac a Hall of Famer?

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Thread was made because of two things.

Carry over from this (

And because there's a thread about it on a Rockets fan board.

T-Mac has burned a lot of bridges in Houston, and the majority of fans in Houston despise him and don't think he should be in.

Now, we all know he hasn't won a playoff series.

A winner like Dennis Rodman isn't even in, even though he should be.

But, T-Mac would be the only scoring champion + NBA 1st teamer to not make it in. Supposedly.

Also the fans on the board are saying 20,000 pts = automatically in (Dunno if it's true).  T-Mac is close to 20,000 points. (17,355)

It's a fine line between deserving, probably not, to statistics, which when it's all said and done, probably should.

Of course, a lot of things can happen, he could go on to winning a playoff series, getting 20,000 pts, etc, but it's just as likely he's one knee bump away from being done.

So, what say you?

Note: I didn't give my opinion, so don't
me for bringing this up.

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Statistically yes but as far as overall body of work I still think he has a ways to go.
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As one of Mac's biggest fans, i honestly say NO.

He doesn't deserve to be in it.  If he does great the next couple of years, which doesnt' seem likely as he's getting older, then maybe, but as of now, definitely not.
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Injury prone, put up some great years, had a CRAPLOAD of potential, but never put anything together in his career.
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absolutely not...stats alone should'nt be the defining attribute on whether or not a guy should be in the HOF. At some point and time, you have to look at it realistically ask if he made his team better...and if so, why hasn't he at least been to the NBA Finals...
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His numbers say he's a first ballot HOFer, but obviously being a second round virgin hurts his chances tremendously. As of now, I don't think he should make it.
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Very good player, but Im going to have to say no. If he starts winning in a couple years, & puts up solid numbers then I wouldn't count it out.
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I have such a high standard for the Hall of Fame (for every sport) that T-Mac shouldn't even be close to getting it. My Hall of Fame would be incredibly selective. For instance, someone like Andre Dawson in the MLB would not get in.
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No. He has the talent to be in there, but he doesnt have the accomplishments to go with it.
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Basketball Reference has his Hall of Fame Probability at

Active 0.976 (11)
Career 0.976 (53)
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No. He may have an outside chance when he's old on a weak ballot though. He does have some good numbers on paper that people will read 15 years from now. He didn't win squat though as we know so there always is that give and take.

A winner like Dennis Rodman isn't even in, even though he should be.
The HOF has said Rodman is still not eligible for entry. The summer/semi pro/whatever leagues he has played in off and on the a few years ago still count as his "pro" career and thus he has not appeared on the ballot yet FYI.
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