Is there any heat at the Williamsburg IA outlet?

Feb 7, 2007
Is there any good deals or anyheat at the Nike outlet in Williamsburg Iowa? Last time I was there all they had was hurauche's and AZK I's.. And some other decent stuff.. But anyways has anyone been there lately?
I was there last weekend... they still just basically have the All Black AZKS 1's and a few huraches.... they had some 360's also, goin for bout 130
I'm From Iowa..... Please Tell Me There is at Least One Other Person From This State On NikeTalk

Need Some Jay's and AM's Size 9.5 or 10 Let me know if ya got anything
my friend stopped by there yesterday and it was trash as usual
Wanted: LBJs 1 & 2 DS sz 13! PM me
Yeah I went there yesterday.. All they had was some Air Max 180's and 360's some Hurauche and Air Max Elite and they didn't have any good JB clothes..
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