Is Water the GOAT Drink?...An Appreciation Thread

Is water the GOAT drink?

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Joined May 10, 2006
It’s the most versatile thing on the planet.

we clean our clothes with it
We drink it
We make other drinks with it
We cook with it
We put out fires with it
We de-wrinkle clothes with it
We shower wit it
We flush with it
We smoke with it

In for a water appreciation thread. What are you guys drinking right now? I have this arrowhead gallon that that I picked up at target last night


Joined Aug 11, 2014
Love water. I'll have something sweet on occasion with dinner or mixed drinks but I find myself adding water to most sweet drinks because there's too much sugar. Always got a refillable bottle with me.
Joined Aug 7, 2012
yup mainly water for me

my fridge got that water dispenser so i just be refilling up every damn time i am finished
Joined Oct 31, 2005
Can’t drink ice cold water. Not that my teeth are sensitive but it’s hard to chug so prefer room temperature water. Wish I could hold down more water because I have to use the bathroom every 30 minutes.
Joined Sep 26, 2015
Yes but I never messed with drinking tap water. Filtered/purified all the way. I ditched buying bottled water years ago and haven't regretted it since. I got a local water shop where I can fill up a ton of those reusable water jugs for cheap

stuntman mike

Joined Aug 5, 2007
i used to drink 4+ diet sodas a day plus energy drinks but i been off that **** for a few months. i still crave it but i drink mostly water now. water, mineral water, cold pressed juice, iced black coffee. no added sugars in my beverages.
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