Jack in the box taco's vol. :hat

Joined Oct 9, 2008
Originally Posted by ErickM713

bought 16 tacos

Man. RIP to your colon.

But those things are the truth. I got put on them like 3 years ago, and since then its been my go-to late night food
Joined Nov 27, 2005
2-4 tacos + big cheeseburger + large curly fries ftw

Gotta have hot sauce and ranch with the tacos too.
Joined Jul 12, 2008
when I was a freshman in high school I used to eat 7 for lunch on the regular

I was 145 back then.
Joined Feb 8, 2008
..the taco's are now in the toilet....I"d like to add we drank a little before we got blowed and now I just threw the tacos up...I ate about 5 or 6
Joined Mar 6, 2007
I personally prefer BK's tacos,

but for the price, JBox tacos are that stuff
Joined Jan 7, 2006
The tacos are bomb. I always get them when I go to Jack in the Box. I usually get a Sourdough Jack combo with curly fries and a couple of tacos. It's all Iever get.
Joined Oct 27, 2000
Yup, can't beat the price

they're usually good too, always gotta put that taco sauce on em to put a little life into them.
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