Jadakiss Vs Styles P

hitman holla

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which one ya'll think is a overall a better rapper? ima have to go with kiss since hes my fav rapper and seems more versatile to me than styles, but both are top 10 in my book
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I've gone back and forth on this for a while but at this point I think Styles. Historically Jada was always the best in the LOX but I think he peaked much earlier than Styles, and since then  I think Styles reached a level that Kiss hasn't (albeit mainly on mixtapes.)
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Kiss is more complete as an MC
But if you just want some of that eghkk face @#@#, Pinero.

hitman holla

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im sayin they're both pretty equal but kiss has a better flow thats why i give it to him plus kiss is just more verstile lol idk dude its kinda hard to judge but kiss is just overall better than dude
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if u looking for entertaining flows i say u listen to Jadakiss....if u looking for introspective music i suggest Styles P...

Styles P > Jada

but i like both of them
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Originally Posted by Hitman Holla

lol easily tho?
Yes Easily.  His ability to actually speak about something of substance while staying within his essence > kiss by far. I'm a fan of substance folks.

Kiss is good for a 16 that'll make you
Styles is good for a song that'll make you
and think about %#+# as well.

Styles Albums > Kiss Albums

Styles as an artist > Kiss as an artist


I don't get gassed by the punchlines...
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