JB charging too much in Canada UNAPPRECIATION

Jul 23, 2007
*mods please do not move this to Canada forum*

As a Canadian citizen, after comparing to the US prices, I feel that JB should adjust their prices in Canada, especially when the Canadian $ is on par with the US $. Not everybody is able to make trips to US just to secure a pair of jordans, and the shipping/customs charges combined with the price of a "steal" on eBay, costs more than US retail, unless if it's beat.

I've heard of the previous one been posted here and then moved to the Canada forum, where there is less than 30 people who frequently post there. But I want this to be here to prove JB that we (Canadians) can't put up with this type of @#%$, and want the prices over here to be on par with our American counterparts.

If you (mods) put this thread here, then there will be a chance that JB would take action and make the prices more affordable. This problem isn't new, this has been around for a while now. It's about @#%$ time that JB steps up and does something about it.

Thank you and good night.

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to those who don't know how much J's are over here...

Few examples:

Aqua 8's $220
Blk/Sliver V's $200
Fire Red III's $200

and I forgot the taxes (add 15% to those prices)

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That is mad money but I feel the
Diversify statement.
Why dont you buy from eastbay.
For like 159 or something like that for aquas.
is that in canadian money or in usd. and if its in canadian, how much is that in usd. either way its a lot more then here in the usa
^The Canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar right now.
That's my word

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The Canadian dollar is actually worth more than the US Dollar right now.

To keep it simple let's just say that 1 CAD = 1 USD. Therefore a sneaker like the Aqua VIIIs now costs 220 USD which is a complete rip-off.

There's no justification for the 75 - 80 dollar price difference between the Canadian and US prices. Even if you factor in all sorts of import taxes and duties, the disparity above is still wrong.

There's talk of Nike Canada adjusting prices in the first quarter of '08 but I doubt we'll see any big changes.
dang, that's messed up
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^ it's pretty messed up when we pay 80 bucks more than in the US. You have to think a few times in order to get a pair or not. and i just pass on all the retros since they are so much. And buying offline, gets us to pay customs charges, so thats a drawback as well.
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no wonder canada always has leftover stock after the hype dust settles...dudes can't afford those ridiculous prices.
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Aqua 8's $220
Blk/Sliver V's $200
Fire Red III's $200
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DEF UNAPPRECIATED, I'm a canadian citizen as well and it kills me... i always end up buying from American resellers... sad thing is reseller prices are the either the same price or cheaper than canadian retail...smh

Aqua 8's $220
Blk/Sliver V's $200
Fire Red III's $200
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thats why i stopped buying shoes. for the most part.
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Historical prices don't change in the US based on the strength or weakness of the US dollar vs other currencies in ANY products...

SO...why would historical Canadian prices on shoes change based on currency exchage?

Have grocery stores adjusted the price of milk and bread?

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Actually J Madidas not historically, but currently prices are being adjusted based on the fact that the CDN dollar is now worth more than the American dollar. For example, Porsche in Canada did actually lower the price of their vehicles to account for the stronger dollar and to deter Canadians from going to the US to buy the vehicle where it can be as much as 30-40 K higher...

Something has to be done to help us here...1) We dont get LS releases except for a limited quantity to exclusive shops that mark up the shoes at least $100 ...2) We shouldnt have to pay 220 for any GR.....3) Name a US State with a tax as high as 14% for clothes or shoes...4) When we do buy from the US there should not be a 30% custom charge to ship them....
Few examples:

Aqua 8's $220
Blk/Sliver V's $200
Fire Red III's $200

and I forgot the taxes (add 15% to those prices)
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I highly support your stand on this issue, as i am also Canadian.
I'm just looking out for the Countdown packs that are going to drop next year, and i'm just scared to look at those prices, considering that its already r@pe priced in the US. what will it be in Canada, maybe $600-800CAD.

There are always choices, so yes we can buy from Eastbay or official sites like those, but we will still get charged a hefty customs fee which is a pretty high percentage of money. and theres still taxes, so depending on the province that you live in, that tax varies. For example, i got something shipped to Canada last time, item was around $65-70 and got charged another $25-30.
altogether it might still be a bit cheaper than buying in Canada, but its just that unless you got lots of loose change, it doesn't feel right that you gotta pay $25-30 more for something that isn't really worth that much.

There is always another choice, buy it from sites or sellers or "make a friend on NT" and get them to mark it as a gift, fill in the description box with a very simple description like "Used Shoes" or "Old Shoes", and also mark the estimated/ approx. value at around $30 and lower to evade any fees when it comes to your door. However if the package gets lost, you will only get paid back $30 and lower, and not the real price tag. For example if it was the DMP pack that you were sending over that was worth $900, and you marked it as $25. Do the math and see how much you lost. And even if the package doesn't get lost, theres still shipping fees, and the length of time. When you buy a shoe, you want to be able to get it right away at a store. You don't want to be waiting for 1.5-2 weeks for a pair of GRs, and find out that your package was stuck at some warehouse, and you thought it was lost and you had to go through all the trouble to locate it. And that just isn't worth it.

So please JB and Nike, be considerate, even though you mostly won't, because you just want the "Money in the Bank"
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i went to winnipeg last summer and i remember seeing the mars there for like $180 and they had 14% tax.
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Yeah it is ridiculous the price that we pay not just for Jordans but any shoe in general.

I have been going down to Buffalo to pick up my shoes lately. Last weekend I saved 200 bucks on 3 shoes by making the trip.

Using Eastbay does save you money but you still got to pay duties for the shoes which is another 35% on top of the price.
Eastbay charge 35% on top for duties... They know how to put their hands in our Canadian pockets.
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