Job's in Norcal?


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You might as well try looking for a career oriented job at this stage in your life. If you have a college degree you might as well use it to your advantage. I mean, you went through the trouble of getting it done and paying for it, so why not use it? And keep in mind that at an average of 85% of college graduates don't end up getting a job that is relevant to their degree. The least your degree does is show that you're college educated with a well diversified curriculum and that's a good thing. Also, one of the most important things in searching for a job is making sure you fill out your application correctly and how your cover letter and resume is written.

In my opinion, the sooner you get a decent paying job, the sooner you can start saving and reaching any of your short and long term goals. You can do all the 'chilling' later in life when you retire. That's just me though.
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^^^^^ very on point.
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