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Feb 10, 2006
Hoping someone can give me some info or some advice. The story is I've kind of hit a little rut in life right now, looking at all possible avenues i may have. I'm looking for a change, just anything!

I'm from Canada and I went to the PI for the first time about 3 years ago and I loved it. So my question is how is the job market in the PI? I've got about 2 years worth of college experience (didnt' graduate) and about 4 years worth of accounting experience. I'm not necessarily looking for accounting work just basically anything at the moment that pays decent enough to keep me alive while I'm down there.

I'm hoping someone could direct me to a website or give me any tips? Maybe someone has gone through moving from "abroad" to the phils and can give me some valuable info. Any help you guys can provide is greatly appreciated.
which province in canada are you from?

one of my best friends is moving out of the PI and he's headed either to BC or Ontario early next year. how's the job market there?

here are additional questions for you before you decide jumping on a plane and head there. do you own a philippine passport? dual citizen perhaps? do you have a social security number? tax identification number? pag-ibig id? in good health? you'll be surprised why i'm asking this, but it's a standard that you go through a physical before they employ you.

if no, to majority of the above, you stay put and stay there. those are the basic requirements they'll ask of you when you fill out an application form. if you could work it out and qualify, read on:

i'm in the audit/accounting field and worked with various firms while i was still in the PI. your advantage against the locals is you have a good grasp of the english language, orally and written (being subjective). you'll have to compete with new grads and experienced ones, i tell you there are so many of's a dog-eat-dog world!

you'll definitely earn less but the basic commodities would be cheaper. starting pay with a mid size company would range from php 12,000 -15,000 (USD 240-300) per month...could increase depending on your experience and qualification. salary increases vary, the ones i was connected with before had yearly increases, performance and midyear/christmas bonuses.

hope this helps!

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If you got any talent (singing, dancing, acting or whatnot) and got the looks, you can try to get into the entertainment industry. Since you are probably FIL-CAN or you have any other extension to your "FIL" roots like FIL-CAN-BRITISH, you're sure to make some sort of wave here. Or you can get into modelling like most fil-foreigners here.

Foreigners here sell. Aside probably from Keith Martin nowadays.

But seriously, you're better off to find a job there than here.

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Foreigners here sell. Aside probably from Keith Martin nowadays.
f you got any talent (singing, dancing, acting or whatnot) and got the looks,

actually if you don't have talent but have the looks, then you'll be fine as well haha
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haha thanks for all the responses. my friend actually moved down there acouple of years ago to make a ball team but got cut. he ended up doing some cell phone adds.

but on the real, thanks for your advice King Crux. I am actually planning to head back to finish college, just hoping to do some travelling for a couple of years before then.
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