Jordan 3 Custom Air Max 90's

Apr 2, 2007
Hey guys i just finished a pair of air max 90's, modeled after the black jordan 3's. Let me know what you think, thanks!

Not bad. Nice work. What was the base shoe?
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Yeah I could tell the shoe was beat up. If not, these shoes would look better than what it already is. Great work.
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great job. I think the print is on point.

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thanks for the comments guys =)
i used a soldering iron to make the grooves, and then i painted the entire strip black (3 coats) then I used acetone to remove the negative black paint to reveal just the grooves. then i carefully painted the other parts grey. In retrospect, i wish i had done this on a brand new pair =T
try doing it again... in a size 11. then i'll buy them haha.
but it turned out really great, i think you should try making them again on a brand new base shoe if you can find one.

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i think if i redo them, im going to use the skunk air max 90's, i think it will look a lot cleaner
i dont see where you got jordan 3 from i mean there deff cool.. all you did was put cement print on them.. that doesnt mean they are jordan 3's and. you should coustomized your kicks on a fresh pair.. just a head's up nice tho.
Those are cool, the elephant print looks great
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wow those r hekkuh nice air max should actually make that... wut color air max 90 was it originally?
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