Jordan 3 True Blue Sizing Question

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Joined Mar 22, 2013
Jordan 3 True Blue 2011, size 12

Jordan 3 True Blue 2009, size 12

Will these both fit the same?? Ive been told the size the 2011 version is 1 full size larger, than the 2009 version. So a True Blue 2011 in size 12, really fits like a size 13.

Is this true??
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Joined Nov 14, 2012
My 2011 BC3s are a 10 but feel like an 11, so I'd assume it's the same for the TB3s
ive NEVER heard of any III's fitting larger, ever. Its just the way the shoe is shaped. its like jordan 1 fitting a size bigger
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Mines fill a little tight but no cracks and about 20 wears my wc and bc are crack up and I wore them as many times as the royals....
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