Jordan autographed graded beckett 9.5 collections

Mar 25, 2005
Very nice along with magic dr. j kobe and garnett jersey card is numbered to his 12 jersey he wore one time in 89-90 season vs. orlando in orlando which gives this card greater value than the rest plus it's 9.5 beckett graded like the rest of the cards. This is better than any air jordan shoes anytime. WOO HOO!!!

Well about the doubt in the value because of the numbers he wore. He did wear 12 one time as a member of the bulls so pretty much that it itself does count as a more value to the card. I have had offers with the most being 8 thousand just because of that number in card shows that i've brought the card to just to show it off to dealers and collectors. So i know from experience that they do remember the number 12 he wore and therefore gave me the value of the jersey card. That is the only and only reason that this card is truly more than the other three that i have. I'm sure i won't get too much for the other three than i did on the jersey card. Most collectors who gave me offers said that it is the number 12 which he wore in orlando is what got them to make the deal. Only out of experience sir did i remember that. Otherwise i would've taken the 8 grand. Again it's not about the money it's about the value of the jersey card. And this is my # 1 card out of the four.

Also the question about how much these cards are worth. It is not listed on beckett due to scarcity of the cards.

About the 8 grand. It was only offered to me once by a collector who he says was coming from chicago here in los angeles to visit a relative of his. This was late 03 it happened. I have a great job and have saved lots of money so i really don't want the 8 grand he offered. I guess at that time this card was really wanted by this collector since he's from chicago and followed jordan's career i believe since he was the one that explained to me his # 12 jersey he wore. I didn't even know nothing about him wearing that since i follow the clippers which is going to have another bad season but hey win or lose i stick by them. And again this offer came around only once with this collector at that time which was a while back. And at that time sp authentic is one of the more high end packs to get which is different now. I collect for one thing and that's to have something that is like being close to jordan and these cards are it. And even if offered lots i won't let these go. They're my best collection out of my nike/jordan shoes transformers toys these here are tops. Money is just money but these are special. And about those auctions number one you have to mention and put a picture of jordan wearing # 12 in the bulls jersey second it wasn't even graded third 06/07 doesn't compare to 01/02 cause he played for the wizards back then and now he's retired so people want to buy usually cards in which he played for the bulls or wizards. I have been examining cards which he played and cards which he is retired and more buyers lean to cards where he played and i don't know why but those cards demand more attention than cards signed by him when he is retired. I know i probably won't get 8 grand again from this card but if i do put a picture of him wearing 12 and mention in my description on ebay that he did wear this jersey as a member of the bulls i know i will get lots of bids on it. I have two pictures of him wearing 12 so i have no doubts that this card is of the same value as a 23 or 45 numbered card because he wore 12 as a bull and not olympics or north carolina which is non nba and hence does not garner any additional value. But for me that one time experience is what i'm explaining and no matter if these cards are only a penny then so be it. You collect cards for the fun of looking at them and saying you have these legends actually sign them and they've touched these cards which there is no price for that.

DAMN! that nice how much are they worth now? and how much does it cost to get cards graded?
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good stuff man..i used to collect cards but now im into shoes haha
Kenneth...stop looking at all of my posts and making fun of me at school
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sweet @#%$ cards man. you dont REALLY think that the 12 serial number will affect the values tho do you? 23 does, 45 does a BIT, but 12? thats like saying lebrons cards numbered to 32 are more valuable since he wore that in the McDonalds game. or that Jordans cards #'d 9/XX hold greater value since he wore that in the Olympics. this obviously isn't true... I'm not just spewing all this, I actually do collect cards (on Beckett among other sites)

i'm white. since that matters....

I'm moving up in the shoe game at break-neck speed...
Wow, that is truly amazing. You can probably get a car with those 4 graded cards alone.
and let's not forget, Chuck Norris found the elementary antiderivative of e^-x^2dx from negative infinity to infinity.
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arent beckett graded cards quite generic vs. PSA graded? cards still go for money? Beckett value is one thing, but i reallyt doubt anyone wants to buy cards anymore.

nice non theless.

it sorta looks like something i can buy on ebay right now for 300-600 bucks. so i dont know where 8 grand comes from
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^ nah beckett is pretty much the standard for graded cards. PSA 10 = BGS 9.5, but a BGS is the top echelon. example, Pujols Bowman Chrome RC goes for around $2500, the only BGS 10 went for $40,000. in reality getting a random game used or auto'd card slabbed like these really doesnt increase its value (even MJ). and about the $8,000 thing... I would bet every single thing that I have ever owned that noone offered you that much money for that card. you do realize that every one of his numbered card has a #12/XX rite? lmao

I wonder why these only went for $400ish? STEAL! lmao...

Auto/Jsy #12/25

Auto #12/15i'm white. since that matters....I'm moving up in the shoe game at break-neck speed...
very nice i use to collect cards but stopped after lebron rookie season
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lol sound like juelz ps aim jdhillon23
Nice Erving :smokin
You collect cards for the fun of looking at them and saying you have these legends actually sign them and they've touched these cards which there is no price for that.
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