Jordan Brand give us the real white cement 3 in 2020

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look how much slimmer they were than other shoes of that era
Obviously ahead of their time. The shoe that changed the sneaker world. Hoping for OPs sake and mine as well he is gonna get these next year. Loved the pics though. Why not? Was the thread needed? Probably not.


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I wish

knowing JB they probably satisfied that they gave us 2 limited editions of it years ago with the FTL and JTH
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Thanks for showing me all of those pics and pissing me off all over again re: what those bastards have done to the greatest Jordan of all time (tied with concords in my book). SMFH for the billionth time :rofl:
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Hopefully they improve the mold before they release these again.
The fire reds really need to retro with some resemblance of the og for the first time though.
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Damn those were some thick socks Jordan was running with.
Pretty sure he always wore a long pair of socks and folded them down on top of themselves back then to get the "short" sock look he was known for. That's why they always look so fat in those pics. I remember when me and one of my teammates did it back in 8th grade sometimes, before everyone started actually selling truly short socks to a widespread degree.
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Always thought it was excessive ankle tape.
Lmaoooo yeah it was type OD
Nah, I am 99 percent it was the folded socks over the tape. Look closer at how the top of his socks look. They have a rounded edge and no normal "throat" to the socks like every pair of socks ever made. They're folded over. That's why they have a distinct end to the fatness lower down near his foot/ankle. And yeah, I know, now we're analyzing MJ's sock habits from 30 years ago LOL
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With the proper color dark grey EP and not the all black from retros.
You're totally correct. Personally the fire red 3 retro is the one I actually think looks the best of the OG colorways in current retro form. The dark EP looks a lot better to me than the too-light gray EP of the white cements and black cements and true blues. I haven't bought any of those three and won't until they fix them overall--color shades, shape--but if I was going to buy a retro 3 the way things stand, it would be the fire reds. They aren't correct but I still find they look cool standing on their own. That light gray with black lines EP on the other colorways just absolutely kills them for me. Totally just personal preference, though.
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