Jordan VIII White/Orange Blaze-Silver-Stealth PICS!!!

its a last min. decision for me because i need somethin for homecoming......
i think i will cop these but should i wait till the release date for $98 or the sales rack for alot cheaper?
I thought you were supposed to dress up and wear a nice pair of dress shoes for homecoming, not jordans. Especially not those ugly things.
If you are saying bred you better be talking about white or wheat.
homecoming isn't formal and i thought about getting them but i don't like the 23 on the strap's color
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^so they're about somethin?

not likin them....pretty ugly to me.
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nice and simple! im coppin
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Nice...but i wont be copping

i just dont dig the color placement (could use some more orange IMO, maybe on the sole)

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I think that they look terrible, but the lining graphic is a very nice touch.
*no look pass to somebody that wants them*
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I can't front I can't wait for these.

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Not to bring you down, but I saw these in person the other day and they are terrible. They could be the worst VIII's to ever release next to the women Aqua's. The entire shoe is just made cheaply. The straps have what is suppose to be tumbled leather, but half of that leather doesn't even come tumbled. The smooth leather on the toe creases simply by pushing your thumb on them. Also, the two shades of grey on the shoe don't even match. The 3m and the grey midsole are completely different colors so it looks stupid. The pattern on the inside is sick, I'm not gonna lie, but these shoes aren't even worth using my discount on. I'll stick with my Peapod's.
I've seen these in person and the word awesome doesnt really come to mind
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easy pass |I
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If I can get them on base for 110 tax free I would think about it.
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