JZ - Kobe Drawings

Those are amazing. Great work. Keep it up.

Sleep doesn't exsist in my house
you have some serious talent
I like the second one the best. Great stuff man!

Wanted (10): The Kobe (playoffs), Nike Zoom 2k3 (any white based colorway)
Those are pretty dope, did you use a pencil? Somethin I heard some pros say sketchin of a pic aint the best cause you cant really get a feel for the dimensions and stuff. But regardless really nice job!
RIP Mike Szabo aka my Godfather.
Nice drawings....you did say though to offer any advice so, here are a few things i would take in consideration.
The biggest thing is patience. I dont know how long it takes you to draw one of the kobe drawings you posted, but take quality over volume. I know its hard to be patient sometimes, but it pays off end the long run. What i mean by patience is for example, instead of quickly shading his face, take your time and try to get little details.

Another thing would be to get the right materials. Whatever suits you best. Getting quality pencils and pens/markers and quality paper can make a difference. Try a smooth paper. That way you have more control and you can add more detail.

Last thing i would say is, have a plan made out of what you are going to do before you draw it. Maybe make a little pre-sketch on a piece of paper. Its good to pre-plan so you can add things without hassle.

I will post my artwork as soon as i get a pic.

thanx everybody for your feedback..ro22ss i used graphite

and Mholtz...thnx for your observation cant wait to see your work
VERY NICE!!!! :pimp:
Really good . props for this. very damn good. i think the shading is a little too much but all is good
The hair on the first one is SICK.

You should be shot for it.
And, I'm fresher than your produce.
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