Kanye West - Spaceship FULL VIDEO!!

Joined Jan 29, 2009
OMG!! You don't know.. I remember 04' in high school. Back when I first heard of Kanye I remember just loving every song, every video he put out. Iwent to target trying to get me a copy of College Dropout. But my mom wouldn't buy it for me. So this guy that sold bootlegs would always ask me if Iwanted it. But I would tell him I wanted to buy it. But one day I gave in. I gave him 7 bucks and took it. The next day I had an anthem. The song wasSpaceship.. I loved this song so much. Every word was so true and the anger and soul in Ye's voice was so powerful.

For the next few years I would search for this rumored "Lost Video" and I could never find it. Till today.. GLC a rapper Kanye first came up with,decided to resurrect this video from the abyss. Its said that it was supposed to be kanye's first video. But was scrapped.... There's some audio syncproblems. But W.e

This might be my favorite Ye' Video..
Joined Apr 28, 2007
Man i glad we finally go to see this video. Definitely one of my favorite Kanye tracks.
Joined May 14, 2007
Dead @$#, I don't think there are enough words or emoticons to express my happiness right now seeing this video come to light.

Some may say it's not that serious, and that may be true... to you.

To me, it IS that serious.

Thank you, GLC, Consequence & Kanye... Thank you.
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