Aug 3, 2003
I just heard from a friend that there is Krispy Kreme shop at SM Mall of Asia. Posting because I know how many PI NTers like KK.

Would Filipinos that are not aware of KK think they are a Go Nuts copycat? Hmmn...


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KK's in the PI?

This I gotta see.

Now I don't have to bug people 10,000 miles away for some glazed KK's.



Knowing how corny SM is, I bet the one here is a burger joint.


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Oh, and Go Nuts Donuts is trash and overpriced.

Mister Donut > Dunkin

Signature D's

Celio's (sp?) > the rest > Go Nuts

Thanks for the info!

I hope this is the real deal.

I don't want to go all the way there for nothing.

RIght, ceehjayem?

Last April during his brief visit, fool went to SM Mall of Asia all the way from Benguet upon learning here that it was open already when in fact it wasn't.


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Anybody here who has been to SM MoA? What shoe stores are there? Maybe i'll be going this friday..hehehe
Think of all the possibilities.
I've been to the corporate office (the one outside MOA) to apply as a receipt chigaddy checker but I haven't been to the mall yet.
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KC, no confirmed sighting yet. Many have said that there is indeed a KK on the mall's map, they have yet to spot the actual store. Only 1 have said he saw the store but cannot remember where the actual location is. Asking the guards will not help, I was told, as everthing is in disarray at the mall as of the moment, including the parking.

I need to see if this shop actually exists! I can "hear" my self getting fatter now.


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The guy who took this said it is not open yet. What a bummer if KC is right about it being some burger joint.


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Last April during his brief visit, fool went to SM Mall of Asia all the way from Benguet upon learning here that it was open already when in fact it wasn't.

Yah seriously. I drove all the way from freakin Gloria Town Lubao, Pampanga to go to MOA and found out it wasnt open yet. :rolleyes

Jollibee 2? Is that an upgrade from Jollibee 1?
fool went to SM Mall of Asia all the way from Benguet upon learning here that it was open already when in fact it wasn't.


last sunday pumunta ako sa MOA... wlang kuwenta p... only restos plang ung opened...


the ironic thing is that ung main entrance ung pinakamaluwag na area sa buong mall!!! lahat ksi sa carpark galing....
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not sure if this means much, but there is a cafe/restaraunt place in paseo de santa rosa named Krispy Kreme. This is the same plaza of nike the nike outlet store in cavite on the way to tagaytay. Aside from having the same name as the donut shop, they bit the latter's sign and colors. I really hope that it is the donut shop that is coming to MOA. Last time i was at the restaraunt, i bought a banana split for 200 pesos, and it didn't even come with a banana.

here is a list of the requirements for a krispy kreme franchise in asia:

"Applicants must have current ownership and operating experience or previous ownership and operating experience of multi-unit food service operations in the market that you desire to develop.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Our franchisees must possess the capital sufficient to fund the development of the market. We currently grant franchises on an area development basis. Specifically, our area developers are required to build multiple stores (10 or more) in a market. The minimum net worth requirement is $30 million or $1,000,000 per store to be developed, whichever is greater. For instance, a 15-store market requires a minimum net worth of $30,000,000.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Area developers must have substantial familiarity with the market proposed for development and be willing to develop multiple units over a period of time. In addition, they must be willing to diligently exert full-time best efforts in performing their obligations under the area development agreement." (courtesy of their webpage)

Besides these requirements, krispy kremes in the states require huge buildings because they contain a large machine for making the donuts. The krispy kreme kiosks in the malls don't make donuts at all, they just get them boxed from the big store. And for all of you who have had a fresh krispy kreme donut off the line. It almost melts in your mouth like a stick of butter (prollie cuz it has about a half stick of it in each one).

With all that said, I HOPE MOA GETS A KRISPY KREME.
Still close but I already figured out the spot its in the corner of the entertainment mall the one with no airconditioning , its in the south area actually the spot is being occupied right now by vendors selling some filipino snacks, and it doesnt say Krispy Kreme in front as in no sign that they will occupy it. But the good news is there is a Nathan's thats going to open up right across the supposedly KK shop and a Church's chicken on the Hypermart side of MOA
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