Kudos To Michael Irvin, For Two Reasons

Dec 10, 2001
We've criticized Hall of Fame Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin many times in the past. And even thoughit's possible that one of the latest developments regarding the controversial wideout has arisen from an ulterior motive, we think that Irvin deservesplenty of credit for raising $40,000 that was donated Cowboys scouting assistant Rich Behm and his family. (We mentioned this in a One-Liner earlier today, but afterfurther consideration we decided to make it the subject of a full-blown post.)

Behm was paralyzed from the waist down 13 days ago, when the Cowboys' indoor practice facility collapsed during a storm.

Guests at the premiere of Irvin's new reality show, 4th and Long, made the contributions.

"Many people have called asking for a way to help Rich Behm and his family, so I decided to turn the [4th and Long] premiere into a communityoutreach; inviting all Cowboys fans to enjoy an evening and donate what they can," Irvin told KTVT-TV, via Barry Horn of the Dallas MorningNews.

Irvin's show will feature 12 football players competing for a spot on the team's training-camp roster. It debuts Monday night on SpikeTV, at10:00 p.m. EDT.

And while we're talking about Irvin in glowing terms (for a change), we also need to publicize his recent comments regarding quarterback Brett Favre , from Sirius NFL Radio's Movin'The Chains with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan.

"I can't understand this for the life of me," Irvin said of the looming speculation and rumor that Favre will unretire to play for theVikings. "I love Brett and I appreciate his competitiveness and I appreciate the times he didn't listen to anyone. Because I remember the Mondaynight after he lost his father and everybody said, 'Brett, don't play. Just don't play, Brett. It's too tough for you.' He didn'tlisten. It was one of his greatest assets. He didn't listen and he showed up and he played great and we have a memorable moment to remember on thatMonday night, watching Brett Favre play that game because he did not listen to anyone.

"But the reality is now it's time for him to start listening. His greatest asset is becoming his greatest liability. I hate the fact thatyou're sitting here saying, 'I want to go to Minnesota.' You hate [Packers G.M.] Ted Thompson that much that you're ready to kill each one ofthose Green Bay fans that cheered you on, that are going to put your kids through college? They made you the rich man that you are. Why kill them? Just letthat thing go, Brett. Stay retired and you can make umpteen millions of dollars on number four jerseys in Green Bay.

"But if you go back to Green Bay wearing that Minnesota jersey? Oh, it's a wrap, buddy. You lose your whole legacy with that."

Irvin is right. Completely right. Absolutely right.

So for his charitable gesture to Behm, his insights about Favre, and his ability to articulate them in an engaging manner, we'll watch Irvin's showMonday night.

Even though it conflicts with the one-hour block of Seinfeld reruns on our local FOX affiliate
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Nice to see an ex player though actually speak his mind about Favre instead of the token response
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