LA heads how do u get tix for Spiderman 3 on imax

^^ There's an IMax at Universal Studios plaza, but they don't allow tix purchases online, which sux.
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as of 10 am today 05/03/07
the only shows at The Bridge that aren't sold out are 6am and 9am Friday and noon and 10pm Sunday.
You have to buy Imax stuff like a week ahead of time.
I had to buy my 300 Imax tix 8 days before the show.
surprised the whole weekend isn't sold out.

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I am just going to wait a week ago to watch this movie. I really want to see it since I dig Marvel movies and the Spider Man series has been well made. However, I hate dealing with crowds. Good thing it will be a busy weekend with the De La Hoya fight.
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I might go to IMax at Universal Studios plaza, say whats up i will have space jams
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